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He had until Tuesday to buy enough shares to block the deal but no large trades in the stock were recorded. It appears Lew has instead chosen to remain at 9. Given Lew has been closely guarding his agenda his actions – or inaction – on Tuesday are the only guide to his strategy. Woolworths insists it has had no meaningful discussions with Lew and Lew won’t even comment on whether he has spoken to Woolworths. He has refused to let the David Jones board in on his voting intentions, so it was probably watching trades very closely on the final day. Advertisement Getting the vote across the line is not a lay down misere but if Lew is neutered as a show-stopper, the largest obstacle is out of the way. One can never discount the possibility that Lew may have his foot on some additional votes through some kind of derivative transaction that would not require disclosure. By submitting your email you are agreeing to Fairfax Media’s terms and conditions and privacy policy. This is also looking less likely but is a wildcard that one can’t completely ignore.

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The white bishop can move to any square marked by a white dot or capture the black pawn. Permitted bishop moves History[ edit ] A pre- Staunton bishop The bishop’s predecessor in medieval chess, shatranj originally chaturanga , was the alfil , meaning ” elephant “, which could leap two squares along any diagonal, and could jump over an intervening piece. As a consequence, each fil was restricted to eight squares, and no fil could attack another.

The modern bishop first appeared shortly after in Courier chess. The game is attributed to “India”, then a very vague term. Derivatives of alfil survive in the languages of the two countries where chess was first introduced within Western Europe—Italian alfiere and Spanish alfil. In Romanian, it is known as “nebun” which refers to a crazy person similarly to the French name “Fou” fool which is most likely derived from “Fou du roi”, a jester.

Interestingly, the use of the term in Icelandic predates that of the English language, as the first mentioning of “biskup” in Icelandic texts dates back to the early part of the 14th century, while the 12th-century Lewis Chessmen portray the bishop as an unambiguously ecclesiastical figure. This has led to some speculations as to the origin of the English use of the term “bishop”.

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Each player begins with 16 pieces: Each of the six piece types moves differently, with the most powerful being the queen and the least powerful the pawn. The objective is to checkmate [note 1] the opponent’s king by placing it under an inescapable threat of capture. To this end, a player’s pieces are used to attack and capture the opponent’s pieces, while supporting each other.

In addition to checkmate, the game can be won by voluntary resignation of the opponent, which typically occurs when too much material is lost or checkmate appears inevitable. There are also several ways a game can end in a draw.

Otherwise the finale to this corporate chess game could be the arrival of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission or the Federal Court with a call for it to be aborted.

However, the term Tafl was most commonly used to refer to a game known as Hnefa-Tafl or “King’s Table” [6]. Hnefatafl was known in Scandinavia before A. The Saxons had their own variant, derived from a common Germanic Tafl game, which was apparently the only board game known to them prior to the introduction of Chess [7].

Usually wooden, they sometimes had holes drilled in the center of each playing square, the pieces being pegged -this made for easy storage or even for traveling boards. Most boards had the starting positions of the pieces marked in two distinct patterns to facilitate setting up. In some cases, the board is drawn Go-style, the pieces standing at the intersections of the lines rather than at the centers of the squares.

The board itself is sometimes mentioned as Tafl or Tann-Tafl [8] “tooth-table,” a Tafl-board inlaid with walrus ivory. A beautiful carved board with 13×13 squares was found at Gokstad in Norway. This is a double sided board with a Nine Men’s Morris layout carved on the reverse side as with other less impressive examples. Many other wooden Tafl boards have also been found throughout the Viking and Anglo-Saxon world, but some of the boards were much simpler affairs being only marked out with charcoal or scratched onto the surface of slices of rock.

The Scottish Ard-Ri, “High King” and Irish Fidchell, Fitchneal or Fithcheall variants were both played on a seven by seven board, with slightly different starting layouts. Fitchneal is mentioned in the Mabinogion and in Cormac’s Glossary IXth century ; the descriptions are scanty, so there is an element of speculation in assigning these games to the Hnefatafl family. Tablut, the Finnish variant, was played on a nine by nine board. Ard-Ri The King is the crossed piece ; the central and corner squares are marked by an X Hnefatafl, the Norse variant, was played either on an eleven by eleven board or a thirteen by thirteen board.

Google’s ‘superhuman’ DeepMind AI claims chess crown

Grab the kids or your neighbors and get this party started! This post contains affiliate links. Well, here we go! Capture the Flag — What fond memories you must have, running through the neighborhood playing Capture the Flag with your friends. To play, you could grab these , or two bandanas , or even some old cloths.

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Prison camp chess sets by Thomas Thomsen Regency Preeminent style in chess pieces, probably dating back to the 18th C, and associated with a French Regency period the days of Richelieu and Mazarin. This style was also adopted in several other countries, and still is alife in third world manufacturies – and in Spain! Usually not felted, nor weighted – with two-piece knights!

Directoire Playing set from the turn of the 18th to 19th century, generally termed as Directoire for the Post-revolutionary spell Rare and interesting in various details Prime Regency Early 19th C Regency – probably contemporary to the prized Lyon sets, destined for the higher classes. Made in boxwood, the kings stand 73 mm – superbly restored, with several replacements, by Alan Dewey.

Regal Regency Impressive Regency – impressive through the massive form of the pieces, the fine execution, and the fierce look of these knights. Kings at mm! Rouge et Noir Some good soul has considerably improved a standard french Regency set from the ies or earlier – by applying red and black varnish to the pieces! King stands 90 mm, general impression is very attractive.

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Prison camp chess sets by Thomas Thomsen Collectors News Every now and then, I find a news item, an odd sale on ebay, or some other snippet which strikes me as interesting, and which I would like to share with visitors to the Museum. And I have a request to visitors: I would like to make this website at bit more interactive, as far as the format permits, and that involves a give and take from users and visitors as well.

So, folks – lets waltz – if You find any news item of Your own, please forward, preferably with photos in jpg format, for publishing – with due mention of the provider, of course! Russian Chess House runs Christmas auction on ebay ending Dec. Here is Murad Amannazarow’s annoncement:

It is true that Mud Pie recipes come from Mississippi.

In the West it is called Chinese Chess. No matter what you call it, it all means the same thing — hours of entertainment! Chinese Chess is a game that calls all of your battle skills into action. Will the Advisor fail in protecting his general? Will the Elephant be the hero of the day? Will the unrelenting soldiers make it past the river and onto enemy territory? The rules of the game may be consistent, but each time you play you will have a new and rewarding game experience.

When you play Co Tuong, a soldier may capture the general or an Elephant may be cowered by a horse. Xiangqi is fun, educational, and exciting. It is a real workout for the brain. Now you too can experience the world of Chinese Chess. The ancient art of Xiangqi is now the modern game of Chinese Chess online.

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Excellent question with no definative answer. This recipe invites experimentation. Early print descriptions suggest the original dessert was a frozen fudge infused ice cream pie presented in chocolate cookie crumb pie crust. Ice cream flavors varied; fudge ran from chocolate sauce to thick emulsion.

A magnificent Tafl board thought to have been manufactured on the Isle of Man was found in a crannog excavation in Ballinderry, West Meath, Ireland [20].

These are external links and will open in a new window Close share panel Google says its AlphaGo Zero artificial intelligence program has triumphed at chess against world-leading specialist software within hours of teaching itself the game from scratch. The firm’s DeepMind division says that it played games against Stockfish 8, and won or drew all of them. The research has yet to be peer reviewed.

But experts already suggest the achievement will strengthen the firm’s position in a competitive sector. The London-based team is currently trying to develop a system that can beat humans at the space strategy game Starcraft , which is seen as being an even more complex challenge. Thinking time Google is not commenting on the research until it is published in a journal.

However, details published on Cornell University’s Arxiv site state that an algorithm dubbed AlphaZero was able to outperform Stockfish just four hours after being given the rules of chess and being told to learn by playing simulations against itself.

The secret game hidden in Facebook’s messenger: Code allows users to play CHESS with each other

Introduction This page is dedicated to the complex and fascinating game of chess. I have assumed that the reader already has some familiarity with the game and how it is played; you will not find here a treatment of the rules or elementary tactics. My purpose is to delve into the background of this game, and to discuss some of the resources available to chess players on the internet.

A Brief History of Chess Enter any bookstore, retail or used, and you will find chess books on the shelves devoted to games.

But to add a little friendly competition, set up a net and create a two-team tournament!

Share This article is about the board game mentioned in the series. Dating back to the era of Raava , [3] legend has that it was invented by the spirits, [4] and the game has remained popular among people all over the world since that time. It is a game of both strategy and chance, with each culture having developed its own rules and variations of the game. Pai Sho is played on a large, circular board split with twelve sections and divided into an 18×18 grid of colored squares. Round tiles are used as pieces, with each tile having a different image.

Players receive a certain number of tiles which are placed and moved around the board.

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