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The program included posters and displays as well as print ads in school and local newspapers. Artists on tour also helped by conducting workshops and seminars. Bob Frymire told Billboard, “Campus reps are the eyes and ears of the street. They are in tune with new music and what students are into.

Violin Concerto 1; Glazounov:

Bob Dylan portal American singer-songwriter Bob Dylan has released 38 studio albums, 85 singles, 26 notable extended plays, 40 music videos, 11 live albums , 13 volumes comprising The Bootleg Series box sets, 11 other box sets, 14 compilation albums , 7 soundtracks as main contributor, 5 music home videos and 2 non-music home videos. Dylan has starred in 4 documentaries, 3 theatrical films, appeared in an additional 8 films and 10 home videos and is the subject of the biographical tribute film I’m Not There.

He has written and published lyrics, artwork and memoirs in 11 books and 2 of his songs have been made into children’s books. He has done numerous collaborations, appearances and tribute albums. The albums Planet Waves and Before the Flood were initially released on Asylum Records ; reissues of those two and all others were on Columbia Records.

Dylan has won many awards for his songwriting and performances, including the Nobel Prize in Literature for his entire body of work. Much of his music has been bootlegged; for an examination of this phenomenon, see Bob Dylan bootleg recordings.

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The single also stayed at 13 on the European charts for 2 weeks.

In early , the Beatles were considering releasing a companion film with the Sgt. The song would be the final track on the album and its crowning jewel as it fused separate compositions by Lennon and McCartney into a singular masterpiece. After the initial recordings, Lennon felt like the song needed something more in the middle and McCartney had a short, happy-go-lucky song about his youth which was added.

The result is perhaps the best Beatles composition ever, ending with the most famous chord in rock history, a single strike played by Lennon, McCartney, Starr, and Martin simultaneously on four separate pianos and sustained four over a minute to finish the song and the album. With Martin unavailable to do the score, McCartney enlisted Mike Leander to do the orchestration, including a harp was played by Sheila Bromberg, who became the first female musician to appear on a Beatles record.

The song would become one of the last true collaborations by Lennon and McCartney, who constantly worked together during the early years but would each maintain more solo control over future Beatles compositions. The title song to Sgt. The song itself has a strong rock presence with a super electric guitar tied together beautifully by a great rock vocal by McCartney, interspersed by many production elements including French horns and audience sounds.

Lennon plays a distinct, choppy guitar, while Harrison adds an Indian tambura part and all Beatles sing fine harmonies throughout. McCartney said he wrote the song about the the fans who hung around outside his home day and night. Aside from the aforementioned songs excluded for a single release, the only song recorded for Sgt. This song was heavily influenced by the sitar, the virtuoso Ravi Shankar, and Indian music in general. The recording featured several uncredited Indian musicians along with several more session players.

Every single Billy Joel fan in the entire world was in downtown – Cleveland 19 News Cleveland, OH

Most of his many albums are stacked with great tunes, and they provide a compelling portrait of a man in search of meaningful human connections. Awhile ago, I made a post listing some reasons I consider Joel my favorite musician. But this list provides a simple summary: There are very many good songs by him that I enjoy. In fact, here are of them: This ranking is not based on a strict, codified rubric.

Ophelie; Adagio for Strings.

He didn’t abandon his dreams — he continued to write songs, including “Piano Man,” a fictionalized account of his weeks as a lounge singer. Through a combination of touring and constant hustling, he landed a contract with Columbia and recorded his second album in Clearly inspired by Elton John’s Tumbleweed Connection, not only musically but lyrically, as well as James Taylor, Joel expands the vision and sound of Cold Spring Harbor, abandoning introspective numbers apart from “You’re My Home,” a love letter to his wife for character sketches and epics.

Even the title track, a breakthrough hit based on his weeks as a saloon singer, focuses on the colorful patrons, not the singer. If his narratives are occasionally awkward or incomplete, he compensates with music that gives the songs a sweeping sense of purpose — they feel complete, thanks to his indelible melodies and savvy stylistic repurposing. He may have borrowed his basic blueprint from Tumbleweed Connection, particularly with its Western imagery and bluesy gospel flourishes, but he makes it his own, largely due to his melodic flair, which is in greater evidence than on Cold Spring Harbor.

Piano Man is where he suggests his potential as a musical craftsman. He may have weaknesses as a lyricist — such mishaps as the “instant pleasuredome” line in “You’re My Home” illustrate that he doesn’t have an ear for words — but Piano Man makes it clear that his skills as a melodicist can dazzle.


Joel has never sounded more despairing than on this track, whose words are about his attempt to commit suicide by drinking a bottle of furniture polish. That he was able to depict the hopeless feeling of depression so vividly and then go on to achieve so much is perhaps the most hopeful message he could have given to his listeners, and makes this track one of his most revealing.

Even here, in his twenties, Joel sings lyrics that make him sound like your cautious grandparent.

It also hit 1 in Japan for 2 weeks and peaked at 3 in the UK for 2 weeks.

It was a brilliant cloudless September afternoon. Beethoven on Sonos, cicadas in the trees, pugs at his feet. Out on the water, an oyster dredge circled the seeding beds while baymen raked clams in the flats. Joel surveyed the rising tide. Weeks of idleness, of puttering around his motorcycle shop and futzing with lobster boats, of books and dogs and meals, were about to give way to a microburst of work.

His next concert, his first in more than a month, was scheduled to begin in five hours, at Madison Square Garden, and he appeared to be composing himself. But this schmuck is usually looking down on the highway from an altitude of a thousand feet.

Thirty-Three-Hit Wonder

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Her version of “American Pie” was played for the first time at a John Galiano fashion show in Ranked 1 on VH1’s Sexiest Artists. Appears in the edition of the Guinness Book of World Records as the female singer with the highest annual earnings. October 12, A judge in Malawi has approved an official application filed by Madonna , confirming claims she has adopted a one-year-old boy named David. David was born September 24th Judge Andrew Nyirenda issued an interim order allowing the singer and husband Guy Ritchie to take custody of David at a high court in Lilongwe.

Estimated in to have sold more than million albums worldwide. A child service worker needs to check if David is fed and taken care of properly. Then after a year, Madonna may or may not be David’s adoptive mom. Andy Warhol was among the guests at her wedding to Sean Penn. Performs “Holiday” on “Bandstand” It is her first national TV performance. Signs a deal with Sire Records.

SUNY Revokes Honorary Degree Awarded to Charlie Rose

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Dover S Liszt:

Billy Joel – Piano Man (180g Vinyl LP Record)

MHS S Praetorius:

Billy Joel-Piano Man