Green fields, blue sky Go for a day out in the farm-lands. Dance through the mustard fields and meet the scare-crow, climb the hay stack, drench yourself in the sprinklers, climb the ropes onto the machaan and try your luck through the Kisan ki Bhulbhulaiyan. You can also visit the Agricultural Museum riding the tractor and learn the functioning of farming equipments. Who knows, you may return home with a new interest. Chase the chickens, go for a ride in the bullock cart or camel, play rural games like kabaddi, pithoo or gullee danda, flex your muscles in the akhara, fly the kite, learn pottery or just indulge in wild adventure by trying your hand in rope climbing or mud bath. Truly, the fun refuses to end here. Switch off the television pratapgarh farm Get ready for some live entertainment in the evening. Dress up in village attire and soak yourself in the rural culture.

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Listening to my words you stop thinking. And in those moments when there is no thinking, much transpires, much that cannot be said but can only be understood; much which no language is capable of expressing. But the very presence of a man who knows, starts stirring your heart, changing your being. He may have alluded to the many well-off Jain businessmen in Bombay who had become his friends, but also the many Gujarati Hindu and Jain families he had acquainted would from now on have a much better opportunity to keep in touch with their master.

If A is a friend of B, then B need not be a friend of A.

All these Nakshatra s are aggressive in nature and suitable for killing, cheating, works involving use of fire, theft, poisoning, research on poisonous medicines, purchase or sale and use of arms, surgical operations, obtaining license of a gun etc. Ordinary Nakshatra Following two Nakshatra are considered ordinary in nature. These Nakshatra are good for fire related works, welding, melting, gas works, fabrications, preparing medicines, Agnihotra, etc. Short Nakshatra Following four Nakshatra are considered short in appearance.

These Nakshatra are suitable for construction, starting a shop, selling, sex, starting education, making and wearing ornaments, fine arts, learning and display of arts, etc. All acts done under movable Nakshatra can also be done during short Nakshatra. Pushya Nakshatra is not considered good for marriage ceremony. Gentle Nakshatra Following four Nakshatra are considered gentle in nature.

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Ascendent Prediction Your ascendent lagan is Aquarius You are born in Aquarius lagn which is the 11th sign in the zodiac ruled by saturn. You will have a thick neck you give lot of importance to self respect. You face opposition from friends and relatives.

In only these two scenarios, Nadi dosha is said to be cancelled.

Virgo Badhak the word literally means to Obstruct meaning oppressing, harassing, paining, opposing , hindering, injuring, prejudicing from the root verb ‘baadh’ meaning to press , force, drive away, repel , remove. Generally astrologers treat badhakasthana as malefic house and gives adverse result during its dasa. Let us see first what Mahirshi Parashara has to say about Badhaka.

Dashas”, as follows – 1. Mesh, Kark, Tula and Makar. It is important to note that Maharishi Parashar has used Badhak only in reference with Chara dasha and not in general application. So should it be used with other dasa systems, especially Nakshatra based dasa systems like Vimshottari dasa, they way it is being used by present astrologers? For example, we don’t see reference of badhaka in Vimshottari Dasa chapter, his favorite dasa to which he has devoted most number of chapters.

Badhakasthana is a rasi based concept and it makes more sense to use it with a rasi based dasa like Chara dasa. The point should also be noted that Mahirshi doesn’t make any mention that the owner or occupant of badhakastha will prove malefic for the native. If badhakesh or the planet occupying badhakasthana are to be classified as malefics, it will violate other rules laid out by Maharishi. Generally it is accepted by all that any planet in 11th will give good results, by being Tri-Sharaya Pati.

Similarly for Fixed Sign Badhak Rashi is 9th from it.


June 23rd, Author: Consequently the civilizations of the world naturally and simultaneously started developing near the rivers which initially started flowing due to the melting of glaciers near the Equator e. South India, Sri Lanka and Africa.

Nadi Kuta — Nadi Kuta is assigned 8 points.

Rogelio Bernal Andreo In the night sky, Betelgeuse is easy to spot with the naked eye owing to its distinctive orange-red color. In the Northern Hemisphere , beginning in January of each year, it can be seen rising in the east just after sunset. In May moderate northern latitudes or June southern latitudes , the red supergiant can be seen briefly on the western horizon after sunset, reappearing again a few months later on the eastern horizon before sunrise. Betelgeuse is a variable star whose brightness ranges between 0.

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The factors which are important for horoscope compatibility analysis, i. Guna Milap or Kundali Milan are derived from these 27 nakshatras. Based on the position of the moon in a nakshatra, the following factors and their points are assigned to a chart. Each of the factors is in the order of points assigned.

Showing Ancestors and descendants of Shri Ram Almost all the major Genome studies carried out so far have revealed an amazing correlation of this genealogy with the genetic profile of humans settled in north, south, east and west of India since the Holocene about years BP to the present.

If the bride and bridegroom’s Nakshatras belong to the same Nadi i. In case their birth Nakshatras belong to different Nadis, then under Nadikoota full 8 points are scored by the couple. Sage visishtha is said to differ from the above views. In this context, it is also pertinent to note that 12 Rashis are divided in 4 Varnas. Perhaps this shloka is meant for Brahmin Rashis rather than Brahmin caste. According to some scholars, Nadi Dosha affects the health of progeny.

It is widely accepted fact, among majority of Hindus, that same Gotra marriage shouldn’t take place. The idea is that even if the race or caste is the same, genetically the distance between husband and wife should be as wide as possible. To ensure this, the more conservative Brahmins believe in different “Shashan” of the two families “shashan” represents to the place where the ancestors of Gotra used to live or originated from.

In modern science also, it is believed that health of cross breed children is always better. Perhaps the Nadi matching is the astrological endorsement of cross breeding for good health of the next generation. In nutshell, we can infer that Nadi Dosha is the most serious Dosha among the 8 kootas of matching. The couple would be deprived of marital happiness either due to separation or loss of partner or due to severe health problem to them or their children.

Exceptions to Nadi Dosha or Cancellation are there.

Nakshatra Seven Category Classification

Kundali Match About Horoscope Match In most Hindu families, Kundali Match is the first thing to be considered before finalizing the alliance between the boy and the girl. Kundali Match is an ancient tradition which is still kept alive in modern India. Many families give utmost importance to Kundali Match. Ashta-Kuta is the most widely accepted method used during Horoscope match.

Software shows a solar eclipse on 3rd April BC which was the only solar eclipse during the entire year.

This table does not take into consideration any factor responsible for cancellation of Bhakoot Dosha. Other dispositions or Sadbhakoot would give marital happiness. The reasons for such ill effects can be traced to the houses represented by Dushta Bhakoot dispositions. Parihar or Cancellation of bhakoot Dosha It might be a well thoughout strategy or a style that our ancient scholars would first predcit dreadful results of a malefic combination and then simultaneously offer liberal antidotes to nullify the highly serious repercussions predicted earlier.

For example first they would say marriage of a manglik person to a non – manglik would result in death of the non – manglik and then come out with dozens of exceptions cancelling the manglik dosha. The same stragegy is equally applicable not only to Bhakoot Dosha but nadi and Gana Dosha as well. This can be appreciated from the exceptions quoted from classical books on Muhurta astrology in the following paragraphs. If Nadi koot is pure no Nadi dosha and Navamsha lords are friends, marriage would be auspicious.

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Valmiki has also mentioned that it was Amavasya day and planet Mars was in the middle.

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This is looked at from janma rashi and not from janma nakshatra.